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Gennady B. Garnisov (1926 -1992) 

Gennady Borisovitch Garnisov was born in 1926 in Taganrog.  In 1932 moved to Moscow. In 1941 he was admitted to the Moscow "1905" Art school. He graduated in 1945 and was admitted to the Stroganoff Art academy in Moscow. Since 1948 G. Garnisov was working as a freelance artist.   In 1950s he became friends with V. Nemuchin,  N. Vechtomov,  V. Weisberg and other young artists that were involved in underground avant-garde movement.  As many others he was working for the State Company and at the same time was working as an artist in his apartment after work. He had shown his paintings at the local Moscow group shows, but his early avant-garde works of late 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s he showed only to his friends.

Selected Collections

J. V. Zimmerli Art Museum, Rutgers State University, NJ. USA.;

Gregory Gallery collection, New York;

private collections in Russia, USA and Germany.

Featured Works

"The Blue Dream" 1965.
Gennady Garnisov. 1965.
Gennady Garnisov 1963.
Gennady Garnisov.1975.
Gennady Garnisov. 1973.
Gennady Garnisov. 1963.
Gennady Garnisov. 1972.
Gennady Garnisov. 1974.
Gennady Garnisov. 1975.
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