Gunther Gumpert (1919 - 2019)

Gunther Gumpert was born in Krefeld, Germany, in 1919. He studied at the Institute of Fine Arts in Krefeld and in Wuppertal. From 1952 to 1956, he lived in Spain, Morocco, Switzerland and the South of France. He moved to Paris in 1956 where he was living, working and exhibiting . From 1960 Gumpert worked part of the year in Rome. He moved to United States in 1967 after he married Anita Von Kahler and settled in Washington. All this years he was working and exhibiting in US and overseas. His paintings are in many important private and  museum collections in many countries. (See list of selected collections)


Selected Exhibitions

1955    Zurich                                      Galerie Au Premier

1958    Davos                                      Galerie Schindler

1959    Winterthur                              Galerie ABC

1960    Paris                                        Galerie La Cour d’Ingres

1961    Braunschweig                        Galerie Schmucking

            Vienna                                     Konzerthaus

1962    Wuppertal                              Galerie Parnass

            Rome                                       Biblioteca Germanica

1963    Naples                                    Goethe Institut

            Chicago                                   Scott Richards Gallery

            New York                                Goethe House

            Middleton, Conn.                   Wesleyan University

            London                                    Hamilton Galleries

1964    Trieste                                     Deutsches Kultur Institut

            Pforzheim                                Reuchlinhaus Museum

            Chicago                                   Goldwach Gallery

1965    Seattle                                     Otto Seligman Gallery

1966    Essen                                       Forum-Tatkreis Kunst der Ruhr

            Washington D.C.                     Franz Bader Gallery

1967    Norrkoping, Sweden             Konstforum

1968    Seattle                                     Otto Seligman Gallery

            Washington D.C.                     International Monetary Fund  

1969    Washington D.C.                    Franz Bader Gallery

1970    Providence, R.I.                      Wheeler Gallery

1971    Cleveland, Ohio                      Ross Widen Gallery

            Seattle                                     Francine Seders Gallery

1972    Stockbridge, Mass.                Image Gallery

            Washington D.C.                    Franz Bader Gallery

            Denver, Colorado                  Saks Galleries

1973    Seattle                                     Francine Seders Gallery

1975    Washington D.C.                    Franz Bader Gallery

1976    Seattle                                     Francine Seders Gallery

1978    Santo Domingo                      Museo de Arte Moderno

1979-1993.  Washington D.C.            Franz Bader Gallery

2000   Trier, Germany                        Solo exhibition at European Academy of Art.  

1994-2001. New York City                 Gregory Gallery

2018    New York                                 Gregory Gallery


The Phillips Collection                        Washington D.C.

Metropolitan Museum of Art              New York  

Victoria and Albert Museum               London, UK.

Albertina                                                 Vienna. Austria

Kaiser Wilhelm Museum                     Krefeld, Germany

Museum of Fine Arts                            Dallas, Texas

Denver Art Museum                             Denver, Colorado

Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes        Santiago, Chile

Davidson Art Center,

Wesleyan University                            Middletown, Connecticut

Finch College Museum                       New York

Art Museum, Princeton, University    Princeton, New Jersey

Museum of Art

Rhode Island School of Design          Providence, Rhode Island

Museo de Arte Moderno                     Santo Domingo

George Washington University          Washington D.C.

Inter-American Development Bank   Washington D.C.

First National Bank                               Seattle, Washington

Harcourt, Brace & Jovanovich            New York, London

Roosevelt House                                  New Delhi, India.

Museum of New Zealand                   Wellington, New Zealand.










"Paris Colors"
"For Sofula"
Untitled. 1957.
"My Girlfriend "

Monotype on paper.1964. 8,5 x 19 in.

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