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Ryoji Kunito (1925 - 2006)

Remembering Ryoji Kunito


He was a wonderful, soft spoken person.  

I first encountered him in 1999 looking at the paintings in my gallery, and I had a feeling he was an artist by his body language.. I thought he was one of the Japanese artists, that were frequent guests in the Fuller Building. They somehow knew where to go to see great art, as not all New York museums were free.

I was almost right – he was Japanese American sculptor born in Japan, and we spoke for a while. Next time we met, he showed me his portfolio. I really liked his works. We were sitting in my office, talking about art, and he noticed a Russian catalogue on my desk. He read the title in Russian. I was very surprised to see a Japanese man reading and speaking Russian.   I was really impressed with all his work and offered him a solo show…

Ryoji Kunito was very talented sculptor, who implemented elements of Japanese folklore and ornamentation. His sculptures are very unique works of art. He used a century old technique, producing a single sculpture. He was very determined that his  sculptures were made to be unique, and one of a kind. No editions. He was casting his sculptures in a NY foundry in a process, to ensure they come out the way he liked it.  His work was instantly recognizable. 

He was 75 when his exhibit opened in my New York Gallery. It was very special to him seeing his works displayed in the prestigious Fuller Building on Madison Avenue, where some of the greatest artists and sculptors where exhibiting. 

He was very proud of the exhibit and invited his family and many friends for this very special occasion.


Sadly, Ryoji Kunito passed away in 2006.  He will be forever remembered for his unique sculpture style and contribution to the art world.

-Gregory Vinitsky


1942  Worked in Tenjing, Northern China.

1946  Entered Osaka College for Foreign Language and studied

           Russian Literature.

1952  Studied sculpture at Y. Watanabe's art studio near Osaka.

1953  Exhibition at Ashiya Independent Art.

1956  Immigrated to U.S.A.

           Worked in an art restoration shop in Honolulu, Hawaii.

1964  Solo Exhibition at Smolin Gallery, New York, New York

1965  Group Exhibition, "Six Painters and Sculptors,"

           Riverside Museum, New York, New York

          "Group Show," Litchfield, Ct.

1966  Moved to Long Island, New York.

1969  Group Show, Art for Peace Exhibition, Huntington, New York

1970  Employed by The New York Times and worked on Page Layout Systems.

           Worked at Sculpture Center, New York.

2000  Solo Exhibition, Gregory Gallery, New York, NY.

2006  Passed away in New York.

Selected Works

"Eleven Shields" 1990s.
"Dancing Tribe" 1990s
"Moon" 1990s.
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