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Marlen Pavlovich Shpindler (1931-2003)

Marlen P. Shpindler was born in 1931 in city of Karakol (Kyrgyzstan) that situated in the mountains near Issik-Kul Lake. In 1941 his family moves to Moscow. In 1947 he was admitted to t Art School associated with film studios “Mosfilm” and graduated in 1950. He was studying with the most talented Moscow art school professors: Alexander V. Kuprin, Vladimir A. Andreev,  Moisey T. Khazanov,  Mikhail S. Perutsky,  Alexander M. Gluskin. Participated in group exhibitions since 1950s. and actively started showing his paintings and works on paper.

He became one of the artists who couldn’t show his works in state sponsored exhibition because at that time abstract expressionistic stile of his art was not favored by Soviet cultural establishment. He was showing his works at the exhibitions of Nonconformist artists since 1974. 

Defying the established artistic canons of the Soviet art system,  he was part of "unofficial" Moscow art scene, he was  enormously talented, with exuberant personality that resulted in constant struggle with the authorities, but despite constant pressure he still managed to create stunning works.

In the 1990s. after the fall of Soviet Union he participated in many exhibitions and had several solo shows in Moscow.

In 1998 he had his retrospective exhibition at the State Tretiakov Gallery in Moscow.

Selected public collections.

State Tretiakov Gallery, Moscow;  

State Russian Museum , Saint Petersburg; 

Zimmerli Art Museum, Rutgers State University, New Jersey, USA

Art Museum, Orel, Russia.

The Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation, Moscow.

Private collections in Russia, USA, England, Switzerland, Israel, Germany

Selected Works

Untitled. 1981
"Laying woman" 1989.
Untitled. 1983.
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