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Valery A. Volkov

Valery Alexandrovich Volkov was born in 1928 in Fergana. Graduated from art schools in Tashkent in 1947. He was studied under his father Alexander Nikolayevich  Volkov (1886 – 1957),  the famous avant-garde artist.  In 1952 he graduated from Tashkent University as an art historian. Moves to Moscow in 1966. Professor at Moscow Art school "1905" from 1970 to 1980. Professor at Moscow Art Academy 1993-1998. Exhibiting his works since 1961. Solo and group exhibitions in Russia, USA, Spain, Germany, Egypt and other countries.



Selected Collections

State Tretiakov Gallery, Moscow.

State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg.

Museum of Easter Art, Moscow;

J.V. Zimmerly Art Museum, Rutgers State University, NJ. USA.;

Museum "New Jerusalem" Istra, Russia;

Gregory Gallery, New York.

Private collections around the world.

Selected Works

“Coloristic triangles " 1963.
"Pantomime of color" 1964.
"Dinamic triangles "  1964,
"Pomegranate and broken Jug" 1981.
"On the Street" 1988.
"Coast D'Azure" var 2. 1966.
Self portrait. 1984.
"Nice" , var 2. 1966.
"Coast D'Azure" var 1. 1966.
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